Jetpac PC

Arcade 2002 Windows Platformer Fan made remake Casual

Into space we go

Ultimate Play the game were responsible for some of the finest examples of retro gaming, with their Spectrum classics including the likes of Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore and Alien 8. This fanmade game is a loving tribute to another of Ultimate's most popular games, the superb Jetpac, and fortunately it maintains the elements which made the original so playable and enjoyable, thus making it a fine game well worth seeking out. If you're not familiar with Jetpac, it's a simple enough arcade-style actioner which has one simple goal: rack up as many points as you can. This is achieved by using your cool little jetpack to zoom around the levels, searching for the lost parts of your spaceship. Once you have enough parts, you can put them all together and then proceed to the next section. You have a cool deathray to help you out with troublesome enemies, while there are also numerous bonuses scattered around and which will ensure you rack up the points faster. Now, while all this might sound pretty simplistic on paper (and in all honesty it is) it's difficult to capture in words the sheer fun that is Jetpac. This remake pretty much nails the qualities which made the original so good, and it gets just about everything right. The visuals look like they could just have jumped out from a time machine and really capture that Speccy look that is so beloved nowadays. The gameplay too is as enjoyable as it ever was, thanks to tight controls and an inventive mix of enemies and levels. There's not a whole lot to the game in terms of depth or variety, but what you do have is pure, classic fun.

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