Burger Time

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Data East Platformer Single screen Casual

The original burger joint inspired arcade platformer

Burger Time is both a puzzler, but at the same time, the way it is constructed, it is built as a sidescroller arcade game; this 82 release was the first to introduce the construct of a burger place, where all things go wrong, in the arcade world, soon to be explored by a whole load of other games. It's got some Donkey Kong timed exploration and jumps in there, it's also got that fast twitch action arcader to it. Graphically, well, it's not some hardy, colorful game; it looks kind of on the low side of the early days DOS, but then again, it was released in 82! But, to all that, if you like arcade games where you control a single character through a series of timed, challenging, increasingly difficult levels, Burger Time will definitely give you a good run for your time. Sure, it never comes close to behemoths such as Donkey Kong, but it sure is there, in that very same realm, and for that it is worth looking into. A good alternative, except Kong, is definitely a game such as Bubble Bobble, but this one is for those that want lighter challenges, that don't take as much tweak reflexes and learning the levels beforehand.

Get eaten by your food

Ah, good old Burger Time, this is one of those nostalgic games, that was a hit in the arcades and went on to become popular hit on the many early home based "cartridge" consoles, such as the popular Atari 2600 and Colecovision. The game reminds me a bit of Pac-Man, crossed with Donkey Kong. Burger Time also has similar gameplay to Dig-Dug. You play as a chef, that is trying to make burgers and is running away from enemies that are food. The hilarious enemies of the game includes eggs and hot-dogs. Your only line of defense and weapon in this game is pepper spray (or a pepper shaker) that can only be used in limited quantities. The game consists of several levels and ladders that you have to climb in between the various levels to: 1. Avoid the enemies 2. Collect all the pieces of the hamburger. Yes, you must collect pieces of hamburger on every layer of the level by accessing the ladders. You run across the pieces of hamburger, that then causes it to drop down to the next level and hopefully kill some enemy hot-dogs on the way down. The game is a simple concept, however it can be quite a fun game with addictive arcade style gameplay. The game has also been remade for the modern era of gamers called Burger Time Deluxe, which is also worth checking out.

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