3D Caveman Rocks

Arcade 2001 Windows Cosmi Corporation Platformer

Not much rocking here

The idea of a 3D based Donkey Kong clone sounds like a good idea, but if what it ends up like is 3D Caveman Rocks, then perhaps the concept is better left in two dimensions and you should stick with the classic original. That's essentially what this is but unfortunately, it gets just about everything wrong, from the controls to the plodding gameplay which simply isn't fun. Instead of legendary hero Mario, here you get to play as a caveman who is on the search for Stonehenge (someone clearly didn't think through the history or the story). And what this involves is basically making your way along a number of pseudo-3D pathways, dodging falling rocks which are being hurled down at you by a very familiar looking beast. You can jump to get out of the way, or make use of shortcuts to keep you alive a bit longer. Get to the top of the level and you start all over again on another one, with other obstacles such as birds to test your skills. There are also a few bones to grab for extra points but that's essentially it for the game. This could have been a fun variation on the original platforming standard but while it's fun for a few minutes, the boredom soon sets in and you realize that there's not much to enjoy here. The visuals are pretty ugly, with some very unattractive characters and stiff animation, although the backgrounds are okay. The gameplay itself lacks the excitement of Donkey Kong and just feels rather plodding where it should be thrilling so really, stick with the original and bets for your arcade fun.

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