Rack 'em

Simulation 1988 Dos Accolade Pool or Snooker

A pool sim with 5 different games

Rack 'em is a pool simulation, a top down, 2D one, released quite early, in 88, but in spite of the technical limitation if the period, you'll find this to be a very satisfying and feature complete product. It offers you 5 different pool games: it has bumper pool, snooker, 8 and 9 ball, the classics, and also standard pool. There is also a layer to the game where a bit of a story, or rather, a misse en scene is included, with players having a bubble of dialogue before the matches start, but for the most part, it's not very consistent. However, each games are great; the physics of the table are delivered beautifully, you can apply English to the balls and you can control your balls very easily. It's definitely worth looking into, for those that love the oldschool esthetic, and for those that love that 8bit style that the game has. You can also play in practice mode, to get acquainted with the controls and the finesse controls, specifically, and so, this can be a beautiful game to try. Alternatively, for a more modern pool sim still very nice and with a retro feel, download Sharkey's Pool, with both 3D and 2D modes and that cool oldie look!

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