Sharkey's 3D Pool

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox MicroPlay Software Pool or Snooker

Oh, memories: pool, school and finally learning to spin!

I don't know how objective I can be in reviewing this game given that I've played it so much when I was a child. It was installed on one of the PCs that I was supposed to use to learn Norton Commander tricks, basic directory making, and other such simple commands that the graphical interface for DOS made possible. Oh, and the times I played this game instead on being focused on studying the ins and outs of Turbo Pascal! Eh, anyway what Sharkey's 3D Pool is, is a very nicely executed pool game. I'm going to say it, I rarely, if ever, played the game with its Eagle Eye full 3D mode on, because, even in spite of the very small native resolution of the 14 inch screen that I was using, the jaggedness of the game was still troublesome. Even in 2D it was an issue, and a challenge, as setting the course for the cue was a question of pushing left or right even when nothing on screen moved. But that did in fact alter the final destination of the cue ball and consequently of the final trajectory of the ball you were targeting. So, the best people at the game had to master the arcane art of knowing beforehand how to fiddle with the fine tuning of the game to achieve perfect shots every time. Of course, most of my playthroughs were by myself, challenging the few incarnations of the AI, while losing or winning money depending on my luck. I don't really go back to the game as much, given that I've kind of become accustomed to the online games that offer tenfold improved visuals than what this game offered, but I remember it fondly and I'll always credit it for the love I have for 8 and 9 ball pool. Another oldie game of pool worth playing, in my opinion? Give 3D Pool a chance, it's of the era and very similar to Sharkey's.

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