Joan of Arc

Action 2004 Windows Digital Game Factory 3D action adventure Rpg Strategy

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A "must" in the RPG war games collection

Joan of Arc is a 2004 RPG that was mandatory to reach my collection. The first things that convinced me to take this game were the tempting screenshots found on the internet, and yes, I wasn't disappointed of what I have experienced. Joan of Arc combines an action role-playing adventure with some real-time strategy elements. But it excels at the action RPG aspect, than at the RTS one. You will play, of course as the woman that designates the title, and you will be helped occasionally by some troops, and the attacks will be provided by various combos. Your progress and gained experience will be rewarded with points and the development of your character is enabled. Many advantages will come up as you evolve, and among them is included the controlling of armies to lay siege to castles. The introduction movie will present in an elaborate manner the big problems found in France on the edge of Renaissance, when the English invaded the French territory. One of the strategy stays in the massive amount of troops you have to achieve in order to hit successfully. At this chapter you won't find big innovations, but you will notice the great effects of some of the siege machines. The graphics are also impeccable, so the sounds. Play this remarkable and captivating game!

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