Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor

Action 2003 Windows Auran Games Pty 3D action adventure Movie style

Well done turn based tactical experience

My first experience with the Gorky games was with Gorky 17, which, while absolutely enticing, both in the world it created as well as in the turn based mechanics, it sure left me wonder if the developers spent time enough balancing it all. Because the first few missions were absolutely criminally hard, and I'm pretty sure most people gave it up just because they didn't want to put up with it, thinking that it will be so dementedly hard all throughout. So I was incredibly pleased to find that this other game in the series took a more carefully calculated road when it came to the difficulty of the encounter, as Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor is a game that allows you the time and space to breath, to accommodate yourself with the controls and with the game's turn based, top downish (though Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor is a 3D game) perspective, so you can actually enjoy your later, more difficult encounters. The atmosphere is just the same, as the dystopic future of the game allows it to create some really great but grey environments. Now this is a Gorky game to return to, that's for sure!

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