Thief: Deadly Shadows

Action 2004 Windows Eidos Medieval 3D action adventure Simulation Stealth

That silver vase looks nice, and that fork too.

Hiding in shadows and avoiding the enemy is not a common sight in games. Your objective is usually exactly the opposite. Blast bugs, machines, aliens or whatever else comes your way by the dozens. Thief is different in that aspect. Creeping around in shadows, avoiding enemies and conflict is essential part of the game, and it is the one thing that makes it stand out. While you might engage combat from time to time, you will do so from behind and with great effort to avoid any unwanted attention. Essentially, it means you will be backstabbing, shooting arrows from the shadows in most encounters. Open combat is not encouraged, and your character is not fit to take on multiple opponents at a time. In this regard, it holds true to previous games of the series (Thief: The Dark Project). You take on a role of a thief called Garret. He is quite crafty and versatile as you will find out during the campaign, and has an uncanny ability to blend with the shadows. After you familiarize yourself with the controls and the environment, you embark on a long campaign riddled with interesting missions that have you stealing all sorts of artifacts. While doing your main objectives, you will have ample opportunity to rid the unsuspecting patrons of their artwork, silverware and other valuable stuff, which you can later sell to various fences. Game takes place in a single town, divided in to several districts. As i said before, main course of action is not open combat, but rather creeping by guards, monsters and other opponents unseen and unheard. In this aspect game shines the most, as you actually feel like a thief while performing the missions. Graphics are good, and the developers really invested tremendous effort in voiceacting and sound background. Entertaining game, and one you should definitely have on your shelf.

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