Joe Blade 2

Arcade 1988 Dos Players Software Puzzle based

Get 'em Joe!

The original Joe Blade was a reasonably slick (and quite controversial) slice of eighties side scrolling action that introduced the world to another tough hero that it probably didn't really need. The first game was pretty successful though, given the appearance of this sequel which maintains the overly serious, but strangely enjoyable, nature of its predecessor. The actually rather unappealing Joe returns in another action heavy experience, which this time sees him taking on the scum of London circa 1995. His task is simple enough (which is just as well, as he doesn't come across as being all that bright) and he must save 100 punks and rescue 20 civvies in under ten minutes. If he does, the gangs that are plaguing the city and its people will know peace once more. What this translates into in game terms is a flick-screen actioner, where you simply navigate the streets, kicking the bad guys where it hurts and rescuing the poor civilians trapped in their clutches. This latter aspect brings up one of four mini-games which are all based around timing and which add a nice bit of variety to proceedings. Joe Blade 2 might not exactly be a classic, but if you want another piece of 80s action gaming to boost your collection alongside Robocop and Cobra, this makes for a decent addition. The visuals aren't spectacular but they are full of character, with strangely cute looking sprites which pack a lot of personality. The action too never lets up, coming fast and furious, so all in all, this is simple stuff but supremely entertaining with it.

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