Beyond Columns

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Brad P. Taylor Puzzle based

Tetris like with colored block columns; stack them high!

This game is more of a graphical update for the classic recipe of Columns, the simpler Tetris like game; what it adds to the original is a fresh cubic square look to the columns, made up of three squares each. It's fun, it's definitely well executed and more than anything it offers you hours upon hours of fun play. The window in which the actual game plays is fairly small, which I like because it allows you to concentrate easier on placing and rotating the columns around. The areas left and right are consecrated to the best scores and the current score count. It looks a bit like a game that is played on a blackboard, with the cubes having been produced in cool chalk like colors. But, most of all, what the game does really, really great is offer you the ability to play against your own score, which takes it to the next level in terms of replayability. SO, overall, Beyond Columns is a cool, well produced game, well suited for long plays as well as for short plays, whatever you desire. It's well done, and, together with the original it definitely deserves a place in your collection!

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