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Short platformer featuring the exoskeleton clad Robocop

Robocop is a vastly superior platformer in terms of graphics than most other side scrollers of 1988 and also, it is vastly better polished than its era counterparts. The environments, while not the most diverse, are very sharp and the enemies as well as the enemy projectiles are easy to see and thus allow you to dodge them without issues. The game is unfortunately quite short and never gets to pick up on the difficulty level, feeling almost as an extended demo, but, for the few hours it provides, it offers a very entertaining experience. The story involves a man who has been captured and held hostage by a group of terrorists. Robocop has to go on a hunt for them, which will take them through cityscapes as well as their headquarters. Along the way there will be many enemies to fight, humans, turrets, other robots and also quite a dense array of bosses, most of them robots, reminding of the superior tech robot cops of the film. As mentioned, the pace of the game is impeccable, and you won't feel overwhelmed but neither underwhelmed. One single issue with the game will arise, which has to do with shooting diagonally, which is a bit fiddly, since most of your projectiles are very narrow and thus, you will have to be perfectly positioned to be able to take down certain enemies. Robocop for the DOS platform is a short and sweet platformer, not the most diverse, but well polished and well paced.

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