Bubble Ghost

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox ERE Informatique Puzzle based Action Indie

The ghost, the bubble and the sidescroller maze

Not quite that from which western themed movies or games are made, but this sure is an interesting mix here! You are a ghostly ghost, the kind that wears a white sheet over its head, and whistles harsh words to kids that won't go to sleep. However, this is not what you will be doing in here, nope, this is a ghost on a break, that loves a bubble, and, it wants nothing except to see that bubble safely transported from one end of a maze to the next. And it can be quite a hard task, since the bubble, in bubble fashion can't touch no surface without popping. Plus, there are air currents around that will alter your ghostly bubble's trajectory, and also, there are other elements to interact with, elements which need to be on or off set at times. At any rate, it's a weird little game, funny at times and quite challenging and definitely an idea that I haven't yet found anywhere else. Yes, it's kind of dumb, really, all you do is push a bubble around and tinker with it. But, even Half Life 2 knew that people love to play with interactible objects in games, and thus, even if short lived, this game is surely going to have an audience. Download it!

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