King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity

Adventure 1998 Windows Sierra Medieval Tales and legends 3D action adventure

First 3D King's Quest game

Released in 98, this game jumped on the bandwagon of 3D, a choice that did not really go so well, in all actuality. It is not that the game looks ugly or is unplayable, it is just that it no longer sports the sleek and beautifully hand drawn backgrounds the series used us with. The story too seemed to have to take a step back, to somehow accommodate the new look and the new feel of the game. Thus, all things considered, you are going to really feel a bit underwhelmed at times, especially if you played the older games in the series. In terms of interactivity, the game still sports the recently introduced simplified point and click interface, with changing cursors and no need for additional command. This indeed makes it rather easier for any player to sink into the game, and allows you to spend less time, frustrated by controls. But, at times, you will feel lost, and not always because of your incompetence. The puzzles, in their full 3D environment might get obscured by the camera or by the rather un-suggestive design of some background elements. So, make sure you arm yourself with a good walkthrough before you attempt to play this one, as it is bound to stir some trouble, unless you treat it with caution!

Notable change from previous

At some point, the ones at Sierra decided to bring the series to 3D because many other games were like that. While many transitions from 2D to 3D were a disaster, here, fortunately, is not the case. The game offers beautiful graphics, good gameplay and a nice story. The gameplay has a little bit of point-and-click elements, meaning that attacking and interacting in the game requires moving the cursor and clicking. Moving around the world is okay. Overall, King's Quest 8 is a great finale for the series.

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