Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon

Adventure 2003 Windows Multimedia novel Tales and legends Point and click Action Tpp Detective mystery

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The first Broken Sword in modern adventure clothes!

I played this quite some time after it was released. I actually been exposed to its demo version even before that, which had you working your way out of a crashed plane, and I remember thinking that, man, this could as well had been a 3rd person action game, as it had some puzzles that seemed appropriate for such action games. But nope, the full game is a beautifully done adventure in point and click, very diverse, with the kind of story that starts relatively normally and then spirals out of control to include elder gods and people wanting to destroy the world and all that jazz... While I wish that the story had been more grounded, I can't say that it bothered me. Nope, I took it for what it is, because the game itself was fun as you could ever expect. It was a bit heavy on box moving and stacking, but it also had a lot of other classic puzzles. What however put it in a box of its own in the series was the shift from cartoon graphics to more palatable for my taste 3D graphics, which retained only a hint of the former comic book look of the older games of the series. So, modern players and retro gamers, this can be perfectly suited for you both, and I reassure you it's going to be a meandering but always enjoyable experience. Try it out!

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