Jungle Strike

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts War Flight shooter

Welcome to the jungle!

The first sequel in the Strike series which started with Desert Strike and continued with Urban Strike, Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike, this is a cracking shooter which is notably for its intense action and for the degree of strategy required to succeed. This one sees another mad terrorist threatening to destroy America in what is actually a very involved and detailed storyline, and which requires you to do what America does best, which is blow stuff up. This being a Strike game, all the explosive stuff is done from the cockpit of a Comanche helicopter, and you'll explore several sprawling levels, including the obvious jungle levels as well as Washington, deserts and even snow levels. As previously, you'll have a series of objectives on each level, which need to be completed before you can move on to the next one, and which are pretty challenging, thanks to the wealth of bad guys out there and the need to worry about your ammo and fuel. There are also hostages to pick up as you fly about, but most of the game is about causing as much mayhem as possible and in this, it excels. The game might not be all that different from its predecessor, and lacks a little of its appeal, but it remains a first class thinking man's shooter. The visuals are slick and detailed, with a nice range of environments that are brought vividly to life. The weapons are satisfying to use, and the chopper handles well, while there's no shortage of impressive explosions to keep you playing. It's not an easy game either, but it's never frustrating and overall, it makes for a great addition to any shooter collection.

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