Action 1998 Windows Activision War Flight shooter

The game is very thrilling but short

It's a very thrilling action shooter game which can excite and please every action game lover out there. The theme here is that you will be piloting a very advanced shooter aircraft that can bring a lot of destruction and chaos to the enemies and the mission that you have in the game is to take down the enemies and destroy their bases. The first great thing in the game is its very good 3D graphics which allow you to explore all the dimensions and the action is very detailed. There are 5 different levels that you will be going through in the game and every level is diverse and unique from the other. The variety of weapons in your aircraft are very diverse and exciting and so is the variety off power ups that have been spread at every level in the game. The only flaw in the game is that it is short and veterans or pros can complete in a matter of hours. However to give you a tough a time on board, there are three levels of difficulty. The controls are very silk and well designed and the UI is very interactive. It is a classic but short game. Jungle Strike is the other game which is very famous with action game lovers.

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