Nuclear Strike

Action 1997 Windows Dice Multi Media Europe B.V. War Flight shooter

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Going out with a bang

EA's surprisingly long-lived Strike series ended with this cracking effort which sent the franchise out with a bang. The gameplay isn't greatly different from earlier installments like Desert Strike and Jungle Strike but it remains a tactically challenging and exciting shooter that really gets the heart pumping. This one takes you all the way to Asia on the trail of a renegade Colonel who is wreaking havoc and who is threatening to unleash a nuclear missile on the world. Of course, it's your job to stop this from happening, with the hunt starting in Indochina, then moving on to the South China Sea, North Korea and finally Siberia for the ultimate showdown. As before, this is a sort of isometric shooter where you control a powerful helicopter armed with numerous weapons and must complete a series of missions which will bring you closer to your goal. This version also throws in other controllable vehicles, such as tanks and jet fighters and which really helps to up the excitement stakes. Nuclear Strike might not appear to be too complex but it's a surprisingly deep and challenging game which rewards both careful thought and a fast trigger finger. The action is pretty relentless, with heaps of tough enemies to take on, with combat that is satisfying and enjoyable. The range of weapons and vehicles give the game some good variety, with each vehicle requiring different tactics and with the weapons being a lot of fun to use. The visuals are pretty decent, with some nice environments to explore, and overall this makes a fine addition to what is a classic series.

Too bad that was the last game

Unfortunately the last of Electronic Art's Strike series (Desert Strike being the first in 1992), this is the fifth and quite possibly the best game so far. As in the last game, you fly a helicopter all over the world, and now you are charged in eliminating a chain of terrorists that have managed to get their hands on a nuclear warhead led by the game's antagonist, Colonel LeMonde. The game is intense, action filled and very fun to play. The game also has a few additions and improvements - firstly, it is the first game in the series to feature 3D graphics. Besides the chopper, you get to control other vehicles such as a hovercraft and a tank. Now you can equip your vehicles with different weapons, and a mission compass and a radar are also novelties. The game is tons of fun, action and explosion all the way. The game doesn't need much thinking to play and is a real no-brainer action game. The graphics and visual sequences are fantastic and very advanced for that time. The game also has excellent soundtrack. The only minor objections would be that you don't have much to do but blow things up, but for people who are in it just for the explosions will have absolutely no problem with that. The game is simple and fun - those two things are really what matters in an action game.

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