Desert Strike

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts War Flight shooter

Return to the Golf is an isometric flight based shooter

Desert Strike, Return to the Golf offers you an old combination of action, one part of which is simulation bound, but kept together by a good deal of arcade controls and flight based gameplay. You control a helicopter, the AH-64A, a pretty versatile beast. You have different missions, some that take place over water and some that are more ground based. With each different mission a new main idea takes center stage. Some of them are based around aerial combat, yet some other are all about saving some lost soldier, or bombing a patch of land. At any rate, the game is never too boring, even if it is not too speedy; the idea is that you will go from mission from mission, and while the shooting is common to all of them, as is the controlling the helicopter, there are also other portions that will offer you a different outlook into the world of the game. All in all, Desert Strike is cool, well produced, and also, great for not that hard to control flights. So, watch those SCUD missiles, and also, download Jungle Strike for total non seriousness and top down war!

The first and the best

Desert Strike is the first in the series of the Strike games, followed by Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike and ultimately Nuclear Strike. This first game is also the best in the series. The plot is pretty typical and therefore irrelevant, but what is relevant is the fun and action you get with the game. Desert Strike is a helicopter shooter game which you fly over various terrains of a multitude of huge maps, performing all kinds of mission, from search and rescue, to just blowing up people and facilities you see. There are a lot of neat powerups for you to pick up and you can blow up just about everything - great news for explosion lovers! The game has very nice graphics with an isometric view and very nice blow up animations, although not very realistic since we're talking about the early nineties here. Still, the game is very fun, action packed and there is always something going on, so you can't put your guard down even for a second. Very nice, and I am glad the series has so many sequels, because that just means more and more fun! Highly recommended!

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