Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulation

Simulation 1989 Dos Sphere Tank sim Military

Fine tank-based action

Playing out like a ground-based version of Spectrum Holobyte's own Falcon series, Tank is a pretty decent military sim that offers a slower paced but just as satisfying experience. As the name rather obviously suggests, players get thrown into the cramped confines of the legendary M1A1 Abrams tanks and must complete a series of missions which basically involve rolling around blowing things up with incredibly satisfying weaponry. However, there's more to the game than just mindless violence, with plenty of strategic options to test your skills and options including controlling the battles on different scales, from company level, to platoon and down to individual tank parts. The game plays out in first person perspective, giving you a great feel for what it's like to ride around in a steel behemoth and there are several inclusions like the ability to call in recon and air support which really add to the flavour. As a tank sim, this scores very highly in most respects and makes for an exciting game. The level of depth and options on display here is admirable and while the graphics are slightly dated and simple, with a lack of detail in the terrain, they are certainly effective and create a strong atmosphere. Tank is certainly no arcade-style shooter and requires some careful strategic thinking, as well as nippy reactions, if you are to complete your missions and the game provides plenty of challenge, even for veterans of the similar Abrams Battle Tank. There are a few issues with the game, like the way terrain is handled and which throws up some awkward moments, but on the whole this is a fine tank sim that is worthy of some play time.

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