Panzer Elite Action Fields of Glory

Simulation 2006 Windows JoWooD Productions War Tank sim Shooter Action strategy Action

Tanks for the memory

The Panzer Elite series is a pretty enjoyable set of light tank simulators that aren't overly concerned with realism but certainly deliver the goods when it comes to the action. If you like your sims more detailed and authentic, stick with M1 Tank Platoon but if you just want to blow stuff up, then this is a good bet. There are eighteen missions to play through here, taking you through World War II from the perspective of the Americans, Russians and Germans and which see you in command of an appropriate tank. You can also issue orders to your squad mates for some extra strategy and depth, but the main focus here is on patrolling the area of your mission, seeking out your targets and then turning them into smoking ruins. You have both your main weapon, with limited ammo, and a heavy machine gun, with unlimited ammo, and must complete your defined objectives before moving on to the next mission. These objectives can alter during the course of the level, which gives the game a nice bit of unpredictability. This is very much an arcade game rather than a full on sim, but for all that, it's a very good one. The game is dripping in atmosphere, thanks to the inclusion of lots of authentic videos during the mission briefings, while the visuals are well done and give a good sense of being in the middle of the conflict. The missions are varied and enjoyable, with lots of different targets to destroy and some interesting environments to explore. There are minor issues, like the woeful AI for your team mates, but for the most part, this is fun stuff.

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