Simulation 1998 Windows Interactive Magic War Tank sim

A "must" in your tank simulator collection

iPanzer'44 is the true proof that the tank simulators are more and more popular and wanted in the industry. The action takes place in the time of WW2 (the gold era of the war tanks), and you control a division, having the possibility to choose between 3 nations: Russia, Germany and America. Unlike its predeccessor, that didn't have a direct rival, iPanzer has to prove its greatness in front of three contenders, and one of them is SSI's Panzer Commander. The graphics are excellent, but some of the scenes contain poor dynamic visual effects. Just like in iM1A2 Abrams, your perspective upon the battlefield is possible via your crew's members. You are a young officer that can control a platoon of three or five tanks (if you choose to be a lieutenant), or more tanks (if you are a commander). Your successful progress will reward you with medals and other military distinctions. I have to mention that the difficulty level will be hard due to some elements that won't be automatically revised as in iM1A2 Abrams. I am referring mostly to the campaigns, some controls concerning the tanks and some attack approaches. The scenarios aren't liniar, and this means that if you finish a scenario, you can choose where to go further. In conclusion, iPanzer 44 is a must in your tank simulator collection, even if its rivals surpass this game in some aspects.

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