Kids on Keys

Puzzle 1983 Dos Spinnaker Education Typing or writing

Bundle of small puzzly games; for kids mainly

With Kids on Keys you will learn to use a keyboard, so, if you're not already proficient with typing, or want to test and play with your ability to use a QWERTY keyboard, this puzzler will definitely keep you going. What it offers is a minigame where you have to punch a key as fast as you can; the letter/symbol/character is shown and you have to press the key/keys. Then you have another little game, where a word is shown on screen and you have to type it in. And, then you have a sort of image editor and you put that image in order by pressing the keys in order, as each little piece has a symbol attached to it. And, the last puzzle is the more interesting one, as you have to type in the name of the object that is shown (for a brief period on screen). The picture is either of a household common item or sometimes of something a little less common, but it is an interesting, if very simple puzzler. So, have a go at it, it's definitely a good education for those teaching themselves how to type or for those that want a typing based puzzler. Else, download Baby Type, which also is a puzzle like bundle of typing based minigames. You'll also learn to type with this one too, and graphically it's just a notch better than Kids on Keys!

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