Snooper Troops

Puzzle 1982 Dos Dosbox Tom Snyder Productions Education

Edutainment dressed as a detective story; nice

Snooper Troops is an edutainment title that delivers its educational load via a detective story. You will play as a well known private eye and you will be tasked with finding the baddie who has been terrorizing Kim's family for so long. Also, in finding out whom that is, you will also find out why, which is the real question here, the one that will drive you forward. As interactive content goes, this is a tool based puzzle maker, and it helps that your trusty expert PE, is also a man of a thousand gadgets. So, if you wanted to play something akin Inspector Gadget, you can be sure that this one will have a bit of that too. However, Snooper Troops delivers more in the way of physics, logic, math skills and deduction skills play than a lot of others games. Plus, it's nicely executed graphically, with cartoonish backgrounds and alright animations. It's far from perfect, mind you, at times you might get stuck and feel the urge to finish with it, but if you have the patience with it, you'll find it more than alright and positively satisfying.

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