King's Quest

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Sierra Medieval Tales and legends

A great start it was to a great series

This is the original game from where this great series started and gave this genre new standards and heights. The game sets off with its interesting and exciting theme which is full of adventure and some real tough puzzles. The good thing about the puzzles in your quest for the glorious crown is that they have been designed with a great intent to make it both tough and interesting and you will never feel like quitting them even when it gets tough. The game has been popular for many years and those who play any of its versions definitely go for the other ones. The graphics in this original one are not as good as shown in the succeeding versions but are very good if we keep the time factor in mind. You will counter some puzzles for which you will have to turn back to the guide and therefore it is probably better to study the complete guide before starting this game. The word that I have for the gameplay that this game supports is indulging. It really caters your attractions from the very start and never lets you lose it throughout the course. My favorite in this series has been King's Quest 6 but one should always go for the original version first.

Once Upon A Time in Daventry

King's Quest isn't the original adventure game for the PC, that title would probably go to Mystery House. But it was King's Quest that put Sierra on the map and into the homes of millions of PC gamers. This is the game that started the long running and award winning franchise. I started my experience with King's Quest on King's Quest VI. It was so enchanting, enjoyable, and memorable, that I had to go back and discover the rest of the series. King's Quest V was my first introduction to King Graham, the king of Daventry. He's adventure gaming's progenitor, he's the model that the rest should strive to be. And he got his start in King's Quest I: The Quest For The Crown. It's quite a technological leap backwards to move from King's Quest V and VI all the way back to I, but having that experience, I wanted to know the rest of the story. I was driven to finish this game. Just be warned, there's one nearly impossible puzzle that you may need a guide for, and it is possible to save your game after doing something which makes it impossible to win. So, bring a FAQ or walkthrough along. It wasn't until much later that adventure games failure-proofed themselves.

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