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Revenge is at the core of this shooter!

Kingpin tackles serious ideas and themes; criminal life, a drug infested world, totalitarian regimes and much more, but it does so with humor and with a light heart. And, when it doesn't really look to be smart, it goes about to create a very beautiful, well organized, and always exciting shooting experience, which, while not without its issues, is undoubtedly going to entertain. The first problem that you will bump into, undoubtedly, is the fact that the game features a very problematic AI, that never really offers you the ability to truly enjoy the shooting. It's more of a shooting gallery, and only when events are scripted you get to experience some smarter forces at work within the game. More than anything though, Kingpin: Life of Crime is a great game in terms of content, and if you can look past the troubled AI, you'll find out that this is really a meaty experience. There are interior spaces, exterior ones, different types of missions and there is also trading and a few other ideas that are sprinkled within the game, that keep it playable and fun for a long time. So, have it in your collection, along with XIII, which is like an updated version of Kingpin, also with a very charismatic graphics engine and art style.

A badass shooter

Kingpin: Life of Crime is an action shooter game which follows a revenge story based on crimes in the city. The main character's name is Nikki, who is a criminal. The game begins in a desolated and dark area in the city, where Nikki was beaten, and the future events present his pursue of vengeance. Kingpin is a violent and intense game, where yo can use money to buy powerful weapons and to kill enemies. You can also recruit criminals in your gang. The world you are exploring is filled with prostitutes, dirty business and other aggressive contents that make your adventure a badass one. The selection of weapons include: pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers. The language is offensive, so I warn you this game is not suitable for children. The voice acting is well done and persuasive, the characters are nice looking, and the graphics are pretty realistic and atmospheric. There are of course, some flaws, but they are easily neglected, as they don't deteriorate the awesomeness of this game. I spent many hours playing Kingpin, and I was totally immersed. I don't know why, this game made me think of the Quentin Tarantino movies, mostly because of the gore that dominates Kingpin.

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