Descent 3

Action 1999 Windows Interplay Shooter Futuristic

Arcade flight game, best looking in the series!

I was hyped a lot about the original Descent but ultimately the clunky controls, the jaggedly and pixilated graphics and the lack of clarity about your missions kind of put me off to it. That's why I figured that the entire series would be a hot mess of tunneled exploration while I'd be gasping to find my way! Well, guess what? I was wrong. With the arrival of Descent 3 the game had retained that core mechanic of arcade flight in 3D, but the graphics had improved tenfold, the controls were so much smoother and the missions were clear and simpler (yet not without challenge). The other cool thing about the game is that it had introduced open, exterior spaces, a feat that the other two games in the series were not technically capable of doing, but don't worry, the staple of the series, pipe like worlds are still there (and thankfully, the chance of you getting stuck looking at them, all pixelated and making no sense has been diminished so much that you'll just be able to appreciate it this time round!). At any rate, you might also enjoy games such as Elite 2 that also have some other elements to them, but nonetheless, Descent, in terms of playability is surely king!

Epic game you have to download

Here a game known as Descent 3. First of all, the intro movie is epic. Just listening to the music just makes me sit through the whole intro movie every time a start the game. The story is told through cutscenes and as well as in in-game mission briefings and debriefings and you play as a character only known as The Material Defender, which is kind of lame but I'll buy that. Now, you might think that I would have nothing to say about the gameplay, due to the fact that it's a space shooter. Well, you're wrong. Wing Commander 3 and X-Wing might have great space dogfighting gameplay, but in Descent 3 you can can fight inside enemy ships, fighting off fighters, all in arcade style by picking up power-ups for your ships. The graphics are beautiful and music is epic.

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