Redneck Rampage Family Reunion

Action 1998 Windows Interplay Shooter Humorous Aliens invasion

Thrilling action, great FPS theme

It is basically a fusion of 2 FPS games of the same series and both have been a good fun for action game lovers. The plot of the first one is that you need to counter the cyborg aliens that have set feet on a town and have also abducted your pig. So it is a pig rescue mission and the mission to save the town from their evil intentions. The game involves some very good 3D graphics which is tagged with some very fine sequences and animations. The game engine was perfect for the time as the variety of action and the swiftness of the moves in this game is simply great. Though you do not have much weapons at your disposal in the first installment but the second one is much more improved in that regard. The scenarios or the levels in the second installment have also been extended and many new levels have been added. The level deigns in both the games is simply creative because the scenarios changed abruptly and so does the dynamics of the action. The controls in the game are also very good and is by all means a fun FPS game. Action gamers also like Outcast but I still have to try that one.

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