SiN: Wages of Sin

Action 1999 Windows Activision Shooter Gangster 3D action adventure

Excellent FPS add-on

Fans of first person shooters like Unreal and Medal of Honor and will love this add-on pack for the well regarded SiN, which adds in a new storyline and a bunch of new features to create an enjoyably action-packed continuation of the original game. The first game is known for its well realised and complex sci-fi world, and for its compelling plot revolving around a new designer drug which has the unpleasant side effect of turning people into mutants. Wages of Sin continues directly on from its predecessor's ending and explores the fallout from its resolution as a mob boss seeks to capitalise on the ensuing chaos. As such, this probably isn't a great place to start with the series, and newcomers are advised to play SiN first as otherwise this won't make a whole lot of sense. However, for fans, this is a great add-on. The game maintains the high level of interactivity, which for the time was quite innovative, but it is the new features which are the biggest draws. There are significant numbers of new enemies and weapons here, as well as a lot of areas to explore but perhaps the most intriguing element is the day/night scenarios. Depending on certain decisions made by players, there are alternate versions of certain levels which open up and which present different enemies and tactical elements like alarm systems and which add some nice replay value. Wages of Sin maintains the graphical standard of the original, and actually improves on it, with greater levels of detail and some spectacular effects which hold up well. Enemy AI is on the average side, making things less challenging than they might be, but apart from this minor gripe, Wages of Sin is a top notch expansion pack. SiN Episodes is also more than worth checking out.

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