Knight Moves

Puzzle 1995 Windows Spectrum Holobyte Reflex oriented

The chess game of the lone knight!

Knight Moves is a chess inspired puzzle game, in which you have to navigate your knight piece through hazardous chessboard checkered areas; however, this is not your 8x8 board; instead, the boards of various dimensions and builds are set in corridors and in all sort of other areas. It takes a little bit of planning to get from point A to point B (exit) without triggering any of the hazards. Also, you might want to be careful to consider your moves because, as expected your knight only moves in L shaped patters. Thus, there are no tricks in the way you move. So, overall, Knight Moves is the kind of game that you want to look into only when you want a puzzler that reminds of chess but is not. Also, your knight has its moves on a string; every new move will be on a timer; thus, in that short amount of time you will have to choose. This makes the game much faster, and puts you in a position where you really want to be fast and precise. Graphically, Knight Moves looks pretty cool, with 2D boards set in 3D environment. A good alternative can always be a proper chess game, when you actually want an entire army of chess pieces on your board.

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