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Endorfun Enlightens

Endorfun is a colorful and very complicated new ageish arcade puzzle game made by Onesong Partners and published for PC in 1995 (something like Arcade Lines). I say new age-ish because of the subliminal messages the game is always trying to send though its soundtracks, messages that are oriented towards peace, well being, love and happiness, although, to me, the music seem kind of out of place from the game. In the game, you control a small cube that rolls along a grid. There is one or many tiles in different colors, and the colors of the cube you're rolling is also always changing, and the goal is to cover that colored tile in such way that the color of the top face of the cube matches that of the tile. There are different modes of play, each with different goal, and multiple timed levels. The graphics are rich and colorful, very detailed. The game is all about life force. As the cube rolls along the grid, its collecting life force tiles and if you collect the target amount of life force, you can go to the next level. But you have to watch out for the timer because, if you dont have the amount needed before the times up, the game ends. This game is not like anything out there. Its not just about the game since the game itself is quite simple. The game is here not only for fun and mind training, although the gameplay is fun and addictive. With its subliminal message it is trying to raise our state of consciousness and improve our lives for more than those few hours spent playing it. If anything, the game is very original and gives a unique experience. The game is a Good Samaritan. Its trying to make our lives better.

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