Ultimate Spin Doctor for Windows

Puzzle 1996 Windows Expert Software Reflex oriented

Simple band novel enough puzzler

The game, while not designed by Pajitov himself, got his seal of approval and seems to follow some of his principles in terms of puzzler game design. Your goal is to get the switches ordered I such a fashion as to get the entire list of revolving clock indicators fixed in the same direction and showing the same time. This is done by changing their positions in respect to each other and in respect to their own orientations by gradually switching the circuit switches. You have to be both exact in terms of timing as well as exact in the manner in which you arrange the clocks. It kind of feels like a timer based tile puzzler. The game sports different boards, made available to you as you unlock the current ones, though their difficulty doesn't seem to increase gradually, keeping at the same relative level. Overall, it's an unusual puzzler, with an interesting premise, but ultimately it doesn't seem to stick with you. I would however recommend it to hardcore puzzler fanatics, for its more uncommon nature, though, they too might find it a bit hard to sink into.

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