Puzzle 1995 Windows Spectrum Holobyte Reflex oriented

Match the clock needles puzzler

In ClockWerx you are tasked with finding the right alignment for your clock needles, so that they will be engaged in the right movement pattern that the game tasks you with completing. It's a nice, relatively complicated game if you just glance at it from a distance, but it is actually based on simple mechanics of rotation and of clockwork mechanisms alignments. If you, like me, were fascinated with complex clock mechanisms, then you will be quite happy to find that ClockWerx really offers a nice puzzle based exactly on that kind of revolving circles mechanic. Within the game you will have to find the right patterns, align your clock needles and also be very exact as to how you manage it all, as the game takes place in real time, with the pointers moving all the time. Graphically it's an alright game, it's all in 2D, which is all you could ask of it really, as it takes little to get used to the presentation as well as enabling you to learn the mechanics all the while not putting no graphical bells and whistles between you and the task at hand. You might remember this game under the name of Ultimate Spin Doctor for Windows as it was made available under that name as well. If, however you're in the market for a similar kid of puzzle, though not exactly the same business under a different name, try Oxyd Extra, a puzzler that requires logical thinking as well as a step by step approach.

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