ABC Fun Keys

Puzzle 1989 Dos C.E. Krehbiel Word or trivia Education Typing or writing

Word based collection of games; well done enough

ABC Fun Keys is a simple and fun keyboard literacy based edutainment game, where your main goal is to make sure that you press the right buttons, at the right time, and in the nick of time; you will get a picture of an object, and the letters corresponding to the name of that fruit need to be pressed. As you keep playing, harder and harder combinations of presses need to be pressed, and faster, so as to reach the right combination in the nick of time. Thus, while simple, the game can aid in developing your ability to type, without looking at the keyboard, and, so, in a way, improving your speed at the keyboard. There are a few different versions of the same tile with icon and keyboard pressing different games, but they are pretty much similar in build, so, if you want to improve your typing speed and accuracy, ABC Fun Keys can help you out. Similarly, Baby Type has the same kind of premise, and will help you develop your typing, again, via puzzles and fun small games that will keep you engaged for long periods of time.

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