La Storia Ancestrale

Adventure 1994 Dos Hobby Fantasy

Italian sidescrolling adventure

Kind of like Another World, La Storia Ancestrale feels like an ambitious action adventure, but, not before long it shows you that it's by no means as interesting or as smart as that one. The things that are off with this one will become immediately noticeable: the controls are awful. Your character moves so stiff and doesn't really feel right when you control it; it's, in a way, as if the game was not tested, as if it was rushed before it was ready, which, might as well have been the case. Also, La Storia Ancestrale uses a really awful font to relay your story, a sort of medieval book type of font, not only hardly readable, but also kitsch. So, if this is the technical and esthetical backdrop, the story and the progression itself is not much better either. After a few levels the whole thing begins to seem like deja vu, partly because a lot of the assets are reused and partly because the backgrounds are not that original. So, yeah, other than some sort of nostalgic trip, there is no real reason to go back to playing this one. It's unfortunate but, well, it's how it is. Take it or leave it! Play Another World, rather!

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