The Dungeon of Dunjin

Adventure 1991 Dos Magnus Olsson Text based Fantasy

A text based dungeon; explore and fight!

The Dungeon of Dunjin is a well produced, iterated upon in many versions (the version I'm reviewing is a later one, ver. 4.3) text based adventure game, mostly about dungeon exploration and about the trials and tribulations of what it means to immerse yourself in a space and in an area that you don't have all the info on. Thus, each step can be your last one, if you're unprepared, and monsters as well as luck (!) altering items can be found in every corner. It controls easily, in spite of the fact that you will have to input every command text based; but the parser, as well as the commands are generally easy and quite few. In terms of style of writing, this is definitely a game that takes cues from high fantasy; thus, you'll find there are dragons, scrolls and a whole load of other such elements, which make the game great, and give it a cool and always exciting edge. So, overall, The Dungeon of Dunjin is great for text based lovers, and for those that don't mind a slow dungeon scroll around. A good alternative, with visuals, this time can be the Ultima series, especially the early games in the series; the tone between the two of them is clearly similar.

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