Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

Action 2001 Windows Eidos Myth and legend 3D action adventure Adventure Tpp Platformer

Action and adventure with platform gaming

It is a very diverse action game that has 3D dynamic graphics and also involves a variety of platform elements. The game is the sequel to the previous version and the plot is pretty much from it left off. The plot is that Raziel who is your character is on the quest to destroy the evil lord Kain and will counter many obstacles and puzzles in the way. He needs to discover and gain some weapons which will allow him to defeat the evil lord. The abilities of the charcter from the last game has been kept intact where he can jump, climb, swim, grip on to the ledges and can do a variety of other moves. The view of the game is from behind the shoulder of the player and you can move your charcter in any dimension as it is a 3 dimensional gameplay. In terms of variety, the level designs are pretty diverse and the puzzles are quite tough and interesting. The puzzles also involve manipulation of a variety of devices. The game is a bit different from the previous one in how you gain power and how to tackle the enemies and puzzles. The A1 is also tough with good graphics and this sums up the game to be an epic one. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is another great installment in the series.

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