Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Action 2003 Windows Eidos Interactive Horror Puzzle based Adventure Tpp Platformer

Vampire slaying fun

The original Legacy of Kain was a Zelda-style adventure, but as the series has grown in popularity, it's evolved to become a sort of mix of Tomb Raider and Castlevania. This is the last entry in the franchise and turns out to be one of the best, making it a good choice for fans of the series. If you're not, much of the storyline won't make much sense so it's worth heading back to the start to make sense of it all. The game continues the story of Kain and Raziel, two vampires who inhabit the dark world of Nosgoth, but what goes on here is pretty complex stuff and newcomers will probably get lost quickly. However, if you're not worried about the story, what you have here is a solid piece of 3D action/adventure with puzzle and RPG elements. You get to control both of the aforementioned characters, each of which has unique abilities and which require different playstyles. Kain is better at full-on combat while Raziel is more adept at stealth and it makes for a nice change to alternate between the two. You've got plenty of powers and otherworldly things to experiment with, while the combat is fast and bloody. Visually, the game is quite impressive, with some highly atmospheric environments to explore and which are full of brooding architecture to enjoy. Combat is slick and enjoyable, with enemies which require some tactics as well as skill to defeat, while the puzzle solving elements are also nicely implemented. The story, if you've been following things, is gripping, so on the whole this is a cracking bit of fast-paced entertainment.

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