Liberal Crime Squad

RPG 2004 Windows Bay 12 Games Adventure style

A political, modern story rogue like; interesting

Liberal Crime Squad, or, otherwise known as Liberty Crime Squad¸ is a pretty cool game, combining a rogue like top down, mostly black and white and text heavy build, with a tongue in cheek story; the city you have to keep clean from the malefactors is under the pressure of politics as well, and at times, to keep your political orientation, you will have to let certain things slide; thus, Liberty Crime Squad is a cool, pretty interesting rogue like. Sure, a lot of the game is just action oriented, with a lot of the elements, encounters, loot, your probability to find better equipment left to chance. However, at times you have to choose whether you intervene or whether you stay away from certain situations. The game does a wonderful job of offering you an intricate political backdrop, where your actions have consequences, but don't worry, if you installed it for the action, there is certainly going to be action in here! So, overall, Liberty Crime Squad is a mighty fine, well produced, well satisfying game, and I'm sure you will like it. However, don't expect fine graphics; black and white screens is where it's at! And download Oubliete too, for something in the same vein as this one.

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