RPG 2000 Windows Myth and legend Turn based Adventure style

A text adventure that is sure to entice you to the genre

I's been quite a while since this game, Galatea was released, but even so I'm trying to choose my steps carefully, you know, thread lightly, because I don't want to spoil it to you. At any rate, if you know whom Galatea was, from your bumping into the stories and fiction, then you will have a bit of an idea of what this game might be. However, don't expect a game that endeavors but to create her story in interactive form, nope, this is much more of an experience, a philosophical game without being preachy and a thoroughly smart game without being obnoxious. Try it, the mix of elements, story and interaction are positively well balanced, even if, truth be told, the parser is a bit of a problem maker. So have a walkthrough about just in case and prepare to go on a journey of self revelation. This game can do that, even without graphics, even in spite of all the limitations of the genre itself. Masterpieces shine in every format, and this is surely one of them, not only for the text based genre, but, in general, for the adventure genre.

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