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Rogueish text based RPG with ASCII graphics

Oubliette is a take in Rogue but one that is a bit more different. The main difference is that your commands will all be text based, and, also, that you will be in need of approaching the game from a party mindset. This is necessary because the game is pretty hard. Another cool treat that the game packs is that it includes a character creator tool. Don't expect to mess around with the Elder Scrolls type character creator, this is not a beauty pageant, you will mostly focus on balancing the amount of shills and traits that you can assign your characters, to form a balanced party. The game packs a few races to choose from, the regular fantasy type races: dwarves, humans, hobbits, gnolls, ogres, the Kobold, Orc, and the elves. Each one has a few predispositions towards using certain weapons plus their own type of perks. So, after that, you'll also assign occupations to these characters, again, the classic ones, thief, mages, warriors, archers, etc. Then you're dropped in the ASCII built world of the game, where it's all about your luck, in combat, in the way the levels get spawned (as they are created randomly with each new campaign. Lots of fun, if you love the ASCII esthetic and don't mind the rather cumbersome text only control system. Alternatively, one of the early Ultima games can do the trick with less randomness and more a main quest to guide you throughout.

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