Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Top down

Decent Lemmings clone (with trains!)

Terrible puns aside, this is a pretty decent little puzzler that can be best described as Lemmings crossed with trains and which should appeal to fans of both. As with all good puzzlers, the premise is simple, and players are given a selection of trains which must be moved from one part of the tracks to another. Of course, it's not as simple as all that and there are plenty of obstacles to get in your way, such as missing tracks or rockfalls. To help you get round this, you have some assistant trains which can be given a role, with the options changing according to the level, and which allows you to blow up those pesky rocks or build a bridge across an otherwise impassable gap. Some of the levels throw in a time limit to really keep you on your toes and the whole thing is played out from an overhead, third-person perspective. The levels are generally well designed and require some careful, methodical thinking to traverse successfully so if you are looking for something to exercise the old grey cells, this is an interesting choice. The visuals are solid enough and can be manipulated so that you can investigate your environment to search for the best route through, while sound too is nicely atmospheric and lends the game some personality. There's a handy track editor as well so you can come up with your own fiendish designs but it is a tad buggy which can cause frustrations. Apart from this though, there's not a great deal wrong with the game, combining as it does a solid, if slightly unoriginal, concept with decent controls to create an enjoyable little head-scratcher which is well worth a look.

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