Demonworld: Dark Armies

Strategy 2002 Windows Xicat Interactive Fantasy Isometric Top down

The darkness rises...

The original Demonworld is a pretty slick and surprisingly enjoyable bit of fantasy-style turn-based strategy which is well worth digging out if you're into such things. It offers some very deep and varied tactical gameplay while being set in an interestingly developed universe, but what's even more surprising is that this sequel improves on things in almost every way and which is thus even more recommended. The biggest difference here though, and it's a bold one, is that the game is no longer turn-based but plays out in real time. The story continues on from the first game, so you might want to check that out to get the most out of this, and the player is offered an extensive single player campaign with over fifty missions to complete. The gameplay will be familiar if you've played any similar such game, like the original Warcraft, and focuses mainly on combat rather than resource gathering and such. Victory requires effective use of the various units on the battlefield and as there's a good range of options, there's plenty of opportunity for strategy here. Dark Armies is certainly not the most attractive game on the market and wasn't pretty even when it was released, so if you're the kind of person who needs sharp visuals, then steer well clear of this. However, if you're more interested in what's under the hood, then you're sure to have a good time here. The story is pretty compelling, while playing both sides of the campaign will keep you going for some time, and the gameplay is generally engrossing and enteraining, making it a good bet for fantasy fans.

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