Real War

Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Historical Real time Top down

Real world scenarios; designed by the military

Real War is a mighty well produced war game, which was designed in cooperation with, and received the seal of approval of the US military. So, if you were looking for something that is very well crafted, that allows you to use real world military intervention and to get into the fights in the best way possible, Real War is the game to do it. Thus, Real War is an armed forces wargame that is set in the current/2000s kind of military world. Thus, you have access to all sorts of weapons and military specialty crafts, jet fighters, ships, and modern military ground forces. The game also contains a Pentagon like military board, which acts like the central core where all operations are delivered/main menu. The game uses 3D units over 2D maps, but they blend well together, and, also, if you use, anisotropic filtering the combination won't bother or hinder you in any way. Plus, the game has missions set in jungle environments, deserts as well as the frozen Arctic, and these environments impact the way you play the game. As realistic as this one, tactically, you will find the Combat Mission series, though graphically nowhere near as well produced.

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