Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

Strategy 2000 Windows 1C Company Fantasy Real time Top down

Let the battles begin!

Tzar: The Burden of the Crown is a real-time strategy game that takes us to medieval ages. The 30 missions based on text briefings require you to rescue a magical and mysterious realm named Keanor, threatened by manevolent forces! You take the role of Sartor, with the main objective to annihilate the evil (the leader called Borgh), to bring back the onetime beauty of Keanor and to honour your father. The missions are various and some of them are limited strategy type, limited type (you will have to survive a few days until the reinforcements arrive), and "sneaky" (where you have to find a magical book). In order to launch successful attacks, you will build fantastic weaponry and request aid from the supernatural creatures (dragons). There is a large collection of characters, some of them funnier than another. The game enables the day-night alternation, and this element contribute to the strategical approach: at night, there is a better chance to sneak out without being noticed. Among your other tasks are included achieving resources, reconstructing buildings, selecting and managing your units. The graphics are superb and they will offer a marvelous image and perspective! Keanor needs your help! Can you save it? Well, let the battles begin and play this game similar to another RTS set in medieval ages!

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