Longbow 2

Simulation 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Flight Organized Forces Helicopter

Amazing flight sim

Flight sim fans looking for an exciting, realistic and complex experience would be well advised to check out this, the sequel to the classic AH-64D Longbow. Improving on the already impressive original in almost every way, Longbow 2 features a variety of new helicopters to fly, an enhanced campaign mode and stunning graphics to provide a superb all round package. One of the most innovative features is the dynamic campaign mode, which adapts to your actions and to your success or failure during missions to create an ever-changing experience that really keeps you on your toes. Added to this is the ability to command other helicopters, something which makes missions even more exciting and challenging. The immersive and highly detailed graphics only make things better and when all these factors are combined, you have a truly authentic flying experience. For newcomers and veterans of the genre, this is a great game as the levels of realism can be adjusted to suit your needs, dialling them up and down depending on your preferences. The helicopters handle like the real thing and the variety of types on display here, combined with the random mission generator, add a lot of replay value. There really isn't much to find fault with here, making Longbow 2 a near perfect flight sim.

E great helicopter sim

Longbow 2 is an even better sequel to the already great helicopter simulation game AH-64D Longbow. What's new is that the game is now 3D accelerared and even more realistic than the last game. You have a campaign engine which allows you to create new missions and a random mission generator, making the number of mission in this game virtually countless. The game also features a command structure, allowing you to command other helicopters. It also has a multiplayer ability. The game gets even more visually stunning and much more dynamic. The game intro has a great rock tune, while the game sound is consisted of orders and communication with the control tower and other voices which are shouting warnings and guiding you in your way. The game is rich in graphics and texutre, it is extremely realistic and detailed, it's challenging and it has all that makes a fabulous sim game even more great, if that is possible.

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