Comanche 4

Simulation 2001 Windows 1C Company Flight Helicopter Action

A groundbreaking flight simulator

Comanche 4 is a great chance for those that like helicopters and always wanted to fly/control one! This game follows the third game of the series, that distinguishes itself with an interesting evolution. Those that haven't played yet the previous installments, they lost a significant period of their lives. I say this as a real passionate of flight simulation games. The developers proved their greatness and devotion to bring the real fun with another groundbreaking flight simulator, where F-22 is the star, being the most advanced fighter. Comanche 4 uses a 3D environment and has a less difficult gameplay. In the six new campaigns you will attack enemies in various well-designed cities, desserts and you will fight even in Arctica. As you advance, you will discover that C4 kept the elements found in its predecessors. The sophisticated and exorbitant Comanche helicopter maintained its shape throughout the years, having little modifications. With a few pressed keys, you can perfom all the moves you need: a constant height level, surprise attacks, controlled and efficient landing, and many more. The multiplayer mode that supports up to 16 players gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends online!

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