Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow Gold

Simulation 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Flight Military Shooter

Take to the skies

The Jane's series of combat flight sims is known for being a pretty decent alternative to the likes of Falcon and SU-27 Flanker for fans of such things and this Gold edition of Longbow is another solid entry into the long running franchise. You have here the base game plus the Flash Point: Korea expansion pack so if you are interested in trying this out, this is the pack to get. The original game follows the formula laid down by most such simulations and thrusts you into the cockpit of a deadly attack helicopter. You've got a number of campaigns to play through here, which take you up against the Soviets, while there are also historical missions set in places like Desert Storm and Panama. The missions are varied and see you performing several different duties, while your chopper is armed with some pretty fearsome weaponry. You can also command your wingman to help out at times, while the expansion pack adds in the ability to use the gunner's station directly, as a well as a new, fictional campaign set in the Second Korean War, with a few tweaks to the command option and other such things. Longbow remains a top notch combat flight sim that delivers pretty much everything you need. The visuals hold up well today, with detailed environments and a well done physics system that adds to the realism and immersion. The missions are exciting and interesting, with plenty of challenge to keep veterans playing, but the game is also quite accessible for genre newcomers. The enhancements offered by the expansion are impressive and are the icing on the cake of an already excellent game.

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