Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Interplay Isometric Fantasy

One of the best fantasy RPG's in existence

There are already lots of other games that are influenced by Tolkien's fantastic fantasy novel,but this isometric fantasy RPG game may easily be one of the best that there is. This game puts you in control of Frodo, the hobbit who is in charge of taking the One ring that rules them all to burn in the fires of Mount Doom. The game doesn't directly follow the events from the book but this turned out to be a great thing, since it enables the player to roam freely across the fantastic world, interact with a lot of cool characters and perform lots of side quests that make the gameplay a lot longer and a LOT more fun. The game is very easily controlled with a mouse and has a very simple, yet extremely practical player interface that will make your playing run smooth as a baby's behind. The puzzles are fun and logical and the battles are abundant and very exciting. All this is rounded with fantastic colorful graphics and great animation for 1990. If you're a fantasy fan and want to have a fun time with your favorite Lord of the Rings character, this game will be perfect for you! And don't forget to check the sequel to the game that is as good as the original. Have fun!

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