Realms of Arkania 2 - Star Trail

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Attic Entertainment Software Isometric Fantasy

Blade of Destiny sequel is a dungeon master dream!

Genuine Dungeons and Dragons is, pretty much no more... at least if you're one of those purists that doesn't really buy into narratives that include anything new, and even if you're bothered that instead of the 12 faceted dices, some would rather use their iPhone app, hehehe! Well, all I'm saying is, some of us like things pure, old, and unadulterated. Thus, if that's the kind of Dungeons and Dragons digital RPG player, there's no better way to experience it then what Realms of Arkania offers. That's because the entire series is faithful as much as it can be to what the experience would be if it took place on paper, though surely, with the limitations you can expect. But otherwise, this second title creates a really enticing, classic, fantasy world and puts you in a fantastical journey, one that will definitely keep ypu occupied for days! Graphically? Well, it's no more or less than all you'd ever need. It's top down, the battles happen on a grid and you play (the battle sequences) turn based style, based as closely as possible on Dungeons and Dragon rules. Thus, the atmosphere is exactly where it needs to be. When not battling, you'll spend lots of time unarming traps in the dungeon and solving other hard puzzles. It's entertaining, enticing and always a pleasure to consider for genuine Dungeons and Dragons purists!

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