Final Battle

RPG 1991 Dos Mirrorsoft Isometric Fantasy

Successor of Legend of the Sword; hardy and playable

Final Battle is a well produced, nicely done game, an isometric top down one screen crawler, similar to Cadaver. It's got a whole lot of options and whole lot of different portions, but, overall, the gist of the gameplay is this; you keep on exploring the insides of a castle, room by room; in some of them you will find loot, keys, and other useful items, in some others you will be greeted by monsters. Some of the rooms have secret access areas or traps, so you have to be prepared to sink into the game; you have to give it your full attention and to be ready for anything. There is also a story that drives it forward, but it's a story that isn't that important. The gameplay is more inciting and interesting in this one. So if you like it, be sure to download Legend of the Sword too, or, as I mentioned above, the great Cadaver, which, in spite of the uninspired name is also a pretty beefed up role playing game, the one screen at a time kind, with loads of puzzles, traps and enemies to tackle, one instance at a time.

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